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Why Us?

  • We know Calgary. Period. The best places to live, work and play. We have been through booms and busts and lived to tell the tale. 


  • We are Calgary homeowners. In fact, between us we've owned in 10 Calgary neighbourhoods and rented in 6 others. We've personally built houses with 5 different builders, purchased resale, completely gutted homes and flipped them for a profit. We know first hand the emotional roller coaster that this experience will take you on. 


  • We've been involved in hundreds of real estate negotiations. Chances are we can offer some pretty good advice as to what your next move should be.


  • We are here for you! Text, chat, email, Facebook, Insta – and even talk on the phone! We do it all. No matter what, we will always make time for you and provide the answers you need.


  • We will make sure you don't buy the wrong house! We aren't afraid to point out the bad things about a place. Busy streets, old windows, funny layouts. It is imperative that you know about what makes a home unattractive so that when the time comes for you to sell 3, 5 or 10 years down the road, you aren't in for any surprises. We know what separates a good house from a bad one. Our job is to protect your interests above all else.


  • Every individual is completely unique and the home and even area that will work for them may take time to discover. Patience is key. Never will we ever pressure someone to buy something they aren't ready for or don't like. 


  • We work with an AWESOME team. No one can do everything alone. We've handpicked the individuals that we consistently refer and work with. From our  Broker at KIC to the Home Inspectors we recommend, it is important that we all have the same values and work ethic.


  • We can help with more than just finding the right property – we can easily recommend a handyman, tiler, painter, mover, carpenter, you name it we probably know someone. 


  • Did we mention we are hilarious? This journey should be fun and exciting and something you can remember for the rest of our life. We aim to bring joy to each experience and one that will leave you excited to work with us again.

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